awes provides brand, marketing and video production services
for Web 3, blockchain and crypto centric companies and decentralized organizations.

Our decentralized, triple A, creative production & technology lab is equipping the biggest brand of today, with the Web 3 tools of tomorrow.

With 20 years of battle tested creative tech strategies, and 6 years of blockchain innovation, we have been weaving ourself into the fabric of the meta-mediaverse, long before the first NFT was minted.

Through interactive content, branded experiences, , blockchain development, NFT experiences, and institutional grade crypto consulting, AW3S is writing a new playbook for brands, businesses, artists and influencers.

Welcome to the front lines of this beautiful, technological disruption. Join us on the road to aw3s, as we march in the dawn of your reinvention.


Web3 Development
We design, build, program and engineer world class blockchain dapplications and self custody products, for web and mobile.
NFT Campaigns
From NFT's, to social token creation, awes provides end to end services, everything from developing the story of an NFT series, to design, to minting it on the blockchain.
Brand & Content
Content is still king. From illustration, brand asset design, to onsite filming and editing for social + commercial campaigns. We know how to produce engaging marketing content that converts.
Technical Services
We don't just use the networks, we help secure them. Node operation, server infrastructure, stake pools, Rest API's, databasing, payment processing and analytics.
Meta Experiences
AR, VR, MR and metaverse integrated, live brand experiences for digital and IRL events. We send your attendees walking with NFT's, value, aw3 and community.
Embedded Systems
Our bedrock was built on creative IoT, from handheld NFT displays, to vending machines, headphones and more, we build smart products.

aw3s original product


Hav3n is a robust web 3.0 development suite, tooled for rapid development, custom 3rd party integration and ultimate deployment of highly unique NFT brand campaigns that need diverse functionality.

aw3s original product


Lock3r gives brands, creators and collectors a digital safe box, where they can add off-chain assets, that can only be authenticated or "unlocked" with the corresponding NFT.

Every asset does not need to be on chain, nor does it need to be available to every NFT holder of a certain project.

Lock3r provides a missing piece of functionality needed to increase NFT creativity, engagement and asset file sharing within their own communities.

Powerful assets

A world class, blue chip NFT collection powered curated by the aw3s alpha investment DAO.
To understand the market.
We are here to show you the way.

Unparalleled Insight

Our decades of media + tech industry knowhow, have been fused with a novel investment methodology, technical analysis, flagship partnering, and standalone tech+trends research teams.  With over 1,000 blue chip assets under custody, we have access to the most influential discord and NFT communities on the planet.  We thrive on helping promising NFT projects.  By imparting some of our “old school” biz dev wisdom, we’ve helped fortify and scale creative visions, marketing fundamentals, value propositions and day to day operations for many major NFT projects.

We are showing our clients the potential of implementing web3 solutions for their marketing, infrastructure and investment needs.

Join us on the road to awes

Clients.  Partners.  Project Leaders.  Friends.  

We welcome you all, and look forward to providing our white glove services, consulting and project execution.

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